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9 Verum - Vittsjö

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Jenny Brandt

On this route, forest is interspersed with pastures and streams. You walk on paths along the water and on small roads. On the route, you pass peaked pebble ridges, a mill and a saw. There are fishing and kayaking opportunities here if you wanted to explore the area further.

Vieån, which runs parallel to the trail, is naturally crooked with nice beach meadows and tree curtains. At Mölleröd, there are rapids, waterfalls and a bunch of parallel pebble ridges. The river is important for fish, mussels, birds and around it there are exciting plants.

Soon you leave the valley and the view, on paths that lead you through varying forests to Vittsjö lake system. The path winds between the lakes, up on dry ridges and on the wetland near the water. At Gundrastorp, the journey goes through pastures and along a crooked road through ancient antiquities. A path leads you over Ubbalt's cool pebble ridges, through beech forest and along the shores of Vittsjön. At the bottom of the lake, lots of iron ore is deposited and you can dig out lumps from the sand.

The occasionally flooded meadows of the Vieån have been used for mowing and grazing for a long time. The power of the water has also been utilized and at the inlet of the river there are well-preserved gems, Ekholmen's sawmill and Gundrastorp's flour mill.

Traces of medieval iron production have been found in Ubbalt. Iron ore was scraped from the seabed and melted in kilns. The lumps were transported along lakes and rivers. The iron was valuable and as protection, castles such as Vittsjöborg and Skeingeborg were built.

Vittsjö was a health resort with a guest house and rest home during the late 19th century. Previously, this was the borderland between Denmark and Sweden. Vittsjö's fortress and memorial stones tell of wartime and when King Gustav II Adolf walked through the ice.

12 km


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  • Sjö
  • Skog
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  • Medel
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Leden går förbi välbevarade Gundrastorps mjölkvarn. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Etappen går längs åar, forsar och vattenfall. Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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