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12 Lärkesholm - Bjärabygget

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Here you walk on paths, small roads and several kilometres of paved trails through deciduous forest and barren mossland. Important routes from past to present are passed. The trail passes the town of Åsljunga where there are restaurants and a bus stop.

Here you walk along the shores of Lake Lärkesholmsjön and through mushroom-rich beech forest. Via a tunnel, you cross the E4 and on wide paths you round Åsljungasjön. The walk goes through moist deciduous forest and deciduous leaves. The Lärkesholm estate has an exciting history, one of the landowners who still has influence today is Anders von Reiser who lived in the 18th century. He bequeathed to the school, library and the needy and is the background to today's hiking area.

South of the lake is Skåne's largest and best-preserved fossil farmland. At the watercourse next door is Vångamöllan, the estate's mill with mill dust.

On the way to Åsljungasjön, you pass the old royal road and right next to the deceptive slopes. Here, gangs of robbers took the opportunity to wait for exhausted travellers. Nearby you will find a milestone with the inscription ½ M. These pillars were set up when the state was responsible for travel and accommodation for travellers. Every two miles, there would be an inn where people and horses could rest and eat.

Soon you will walk into Hallandsåsen, but first look to the rock wall on the outskirts of Åsljunga. Water constantly seeps over the cliff and unusual lichens thrive. A path takes you up the precipice to the view and Åsljungagården's exercise trail.

After walking on a small road past farms and open pastures, you are faced with a couple of kilometres of hiking on footbridges. The moss plants live on the rain that falls, while meadow wool, water clover and bog lily also grow. If you are lucky, you can hear black grouse and capercaillie.

13 km


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Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga

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