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3 Östafors - Bökestad

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    9 km

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Lisa Wikstrand

Here you walk on paths and footpaths through beautiful nature rich in forest and water. You pass bubbling rapids and Raslången's lobed lake system.

The Östafors campsite is surrounded by rushing rapids, pebble ridges and species-rich forest. Among other things, the rare fern safsa (kungsbräken) grows here.

Follow paths and forest roads through hilly deciduous forest and over fences into a grazed forest. A narrow footbridge leads you over moist forest and suddenly, you have crossed the border to Blekinge. On a winding path, you are led back into Skåne County.

Between the trees, the long, narrow and lobed lake Raslången looms, the lake has almost no buildings along the steep shores. The lobed shoreline with wooded surroundings creates a strong wilderness character. The lake is home to perch, bream, geese and pike

One of the most beautifully situated campsites along the Skåneleden is Bökestad. Here, hiking trails and canoe trails meet. Along the whole route, the silence is noticeable, you will not get wilderness in Skåne closer to this!

Around the rapids in Östafors, there used to be an entire industry with housing. There were sawmills, a smithy, a number of mills, an electric power plant and a nail factory. A wooden cross next to the trail tells of a duel of two capable swordsmen twins a long time ago.

At the Skåne - Blekinge county border, there are coal beds. Charcoal was important for the livelihood and smoking coal miles was a common sight in the forest area. In the past, large quantities of timber were transported on Lake Raslången, the timber was floated and towed by rowers.

9 km


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Lugnet lägger sig vid sjön Raslången. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Möt tystnaden i skogarna vid Bökestad. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Stanna upp och njut av utsikten över sjön. Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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