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13 Bjärabygget - Koarp

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Jenny Brandt

Hiking on paths and small roads on Hallandsåsen, along the old border between Sweden and Denmark. Here it is important that you keep an eye on the route: the terrain, giant women and caves can surprise you!

On this route, you hike up on Hallandsåsen, which soared in height in connection with a major collision between Europe and Africa about 80 million years ago. At that time, Skåne was covered by a shallow sea and the bottom was shaken by earthquakes.

Part of the bedrock Snibe cave is collapsed, but inside there is a three metre high hall. In an 18th century work, the cave is described as large enough for 20-30 people. As you pass the cave and the steep slopes, meadow heath awaits with views and lots of lingonberries.

Snibe cottage has been home to the giant woman Sniban and most recently to a soldier during the war in Skåne. Just next to the trail, on the border between Skåne and Halland, is the Bockasten moving block, which was an important border marker between Denmark and Sweden.

In Björsåsa-Bölinge nature reserve you can see what a large part of the ridge looked like before. Then the trees stood sparse, the animals grazed and the meadow spread. In order to keep the meadow fresh and tasty for the grazing animals, the ground was burned at regular intervals.

On the southern slope of Hallandsåsen, there are deeply incised ravines. Most impressive is Trollehallar with the famous Snapphanestallarna hut. At Stavershult, just next door, there are ridges, hills and terraces formed by ice rivers when the ice sheet melted. Hallandsåsen is not a ridge in the true sense but a horst of bedrock. Urbergshorsten was formed during a turbulent period in the earth's history that occurred about 70–100 million years ago when the rock was lifted over the surrounding bedrock.

17 km


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Höstvandring Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Fikapaus Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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