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5 Brotorpet - Vesslarp

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    13 km

  • Degree of difficulty


Here you walk on paths between rippling lakes, through centuries-old enchanted forests and old cultural landscapes.

On paths, you walk through several areas with species-rich beech forest and through planted spruce forest. There are plenty of lakes here and some are part of the Harasjömåla fishing paradise.

At Nyteboda, the landscape opens up but soon closes again. To the west you step into Nytebodaskogen, a natural coniferous forest that is several hundred years old. Here you walk in environments that are otherwise unusual in Skåne, here cranberries and the fragrant bog lily grow and in the forest you will find both the orchid knärot and linnéa. If you arrive late in the day, you may see the tawny owl and the spotted owl.

Pay attention to falling trees and branches. Parking and toilet are adjacent to the reserve. During windy days and the period after, there is a great risk of falling trees or branches.

The cultural landscape with small plots and solitary farms is typical of the area. Both Nyteboda and Strönhult offer authentic experiences of the past. Especially Strönhult, where the well-preserved buildings show that the village was prosperous during the 19th century.

13 km


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  • Sjö
  • Skog
  • 7-15 km
  • Medel
  • Skåneleden




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Nyteboda barrskog. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Vandra utmed Immeln Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Nytebodaskogen Photographer: Torbjörn Lingöy

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