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5 Brotorpet - Vesslarp

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Weave your way between the many, irregularly-shaped lakes, through mystical forests hundreds of years old, and over a rural landscape which speaks of a by-gone era. This is the childhood home of Nobel prize laureate Harry Martinsson, and he may well have wandered some of these same paths.


Your footsteps carry you along paths through beech forests and spruce plantations with a wide variety of flora and fauna. There is a myriad of lakes in the area, some of which are included in the 23-lake sport fishing paradise known as Harasjömåla. At Nyteboda the landscape opens up a bit, but closes again quickly.

To the west, you enter the Nytebodaskogen forest, a natural coniferous woodland several hundred years old. Feel how your feet sink into the thick moss that grows here in abundance. Depending on the season, you may spot twin flowers (Linnaea borealis), or the orchid (Goodyera repens) known as creeping lady's-tresses in Europe, and as dwarf rattlesnake plantain in North America. If you are passing through this area later in the day, watch for owls – the tengmalm and pygmy owls call these forests home.

Adjacent to the trail at Strönhult, is an area known for its well-preserved farmhouses painted Falun Red. Old stone walls contain pastures and wooded meadows strewn with boulders from glacial melt. This is the transition zone, where the natural coniferous forests give way to the deciduous forests of the more southern regions of Skåne.

Cultural History

The rural landscape here, characterised by small pastures with old, low stone walls marking the borders, and solitary farms, is typical for this area. But the forests and lakes were more important for survival than farming was. Explore the areas known as Nyteboda and Strönhult. They provide an authentic sense of days long gone. This is particularly true at Strönhult, where the well-conserved buildings demonstrate how prosperous the village was in the 1800s.

The Swedish author and Nobel laureate Harry Martinsson and his six siblings grew up close to Nytebodaviken. At his childhood home of Snappetorp there is a memorial stone, and the family's maid lived in Rävatorpet Cottage, alongside the trail. Orphaned at a young age, Harry was just six years old when he was sent away to a foster home. In his partly biographical novel Flowering Nettles, he portrays the harsh reality of life in Sweden in the early 1900s from the perspective of a destitute orphan. He won the Nobel prize for literature in 1974.

13 km


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Smaka, lyssna och känn. Naturen är en enda stor äventyrsbana. Photographer: Johan Hammar
Vandra utmed Immeln Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Nyteboda barrskog. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Blicka ut över sjön Immeln. Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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