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17 Hovs hallar- Torekov

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Paths lead you through the fairytale landscape of Hovs halls with cliffs and crevices. Hike further over grazed beach meadows, cobblestone fields and past unusual puddles and graves.

On small paths, you walk through forests and over beach meadows with windswept bushes and rocks in abundance. At Hovs halls, Hallandsåsen meets the sea. Here you will find reddish gneiss with amphibolite (black or green-black iron-rich metamorphic rock) embedded in it, which was formed when magma penetrated. For hundreds of years, the rock has been shaped by the water and you pass several caves and grottoes.

From the height of the halls, you can look down on the cobblestone-filled Smygeslätt where traces of poles tell of an older fishing settlement. West of the restaurant, you walk past boulders with bowl pits.

In the past, it was common for ships to run aground along the coast, the villagers would remove all the bolts and let the sea distribute the remains, then a wreck auction was held on the beach. Eventually, a wreck company was formed at Segeltorp beach that took care of shipwrecks, towed them here and auctioned off the parts.

West of Hov's halls, the beach meadows spread out. The meadows have been grazed for a very long time and a special flora and fauna has emerged. The beach meadows were called beach moths and were the common property of the villages. Young animals, sheep and geese grazed here. Here the villagers fetched seaweed which they transported home as fertilizer for the poor soils.

The path turns just in between Gröthögarna, eight burial mounds in a row. This grouping is very unusual in Skåne.

At Sänkudde, you walk past Ilasjön. At the pool, there are exciting plants and during spring evenings you can hear the beach toad's teasing song. North of the golf course is one of Bjare's most interesting habitats. Here you will find rare grasses and flowers, including red-flowered northern water lily.

Continue the hike towards the characteristic seaside resort of Torekov, which was once a fishing community. In Torekov, there is a lot to experience around the harbour, where fishing boats and luxury sailboats are crowded as well as the tour boat to Hallands Väderö. A short distance from the harbour, there is a bathing jetty where many Torekov residents take their morning dip, just north of the harbour there is a sandy beach. There is also a bus stop in Torekov.

8 km


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Vacker utsikt över havet vid Hovs Hallar. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Öppna beteshagar vid Hovs Hallar Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Hovs hallar Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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