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4 Bökestad - Brotorpet

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Along the route, you walk on paths and small roads through desolate forest areas. You are hiking in a lake-rich area that is sometimes called "Southern Sweden's last wilderness".

On paths you walk through deep forest along the edge of Lake Raslången. The lake is long narrow, lobed and popular with canoeists. Just north of Ransingatorpet, you can find unusual fossils that are several million years old.

At Skärsnäs, the forest is called Tassemarken and at the height of the Skärsjöarna you walk past a spruce tree. The tree resembles a giant Christmas tree, net-packed and ready. The route approaches one of Skåne's largest lakes, Immeln. Large and valuable pines grow along the path by the shore. Lichens and insects thrive here and if you come in late summer, there are often plenty of blueberries. Look out for great loons, ospreys and great crested grebes.

At the shores of Lake Filkesjön, Sweden's first dynamiter had his hiding place. Beautiful Bengtsson and his buddy, Tattooed Johansson, had built a hut between rock boulders and decorated it with a kitchen stove, exclusive beds and floral plush wallpaper.

Brotorpet is located by Immeln's beach, with a prepared campsite with wind protection, fireplaces with firewood, toilets and drinking water. The campsite is located on a fine sandy beach that invites you to take a refreshing dip on hot summer days. In the area, you can watch for the more unusual birds such as the common crow and wood pigeon, there also live several rare lichens and fungi.

In the past, there was a mill and a sawmill for boards and roofing felt. The forest produced timber that was shipped across the lake for further transport.

13 km


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Upplev djupa skogar vid Fuglabacken. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Njut av sjöutsikten vid Fuglabacken. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Ta en kaffepaus vid sjön Raslången och njut av vyn. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Photographer: Torbjörn Lingöy

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