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10 Vittsjö - Hårsjö

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Here you walk through forests and pastures, past streams and lakes. On small roads, you leave the community and head out into the countryside. At the crest of Hårsjöåsen, you follow the old country road.

You leave the community of Vittsjö and walk out to forest and moss-rich countryside. At Pjäcket, you walk past fine pastures and at Hårsjö village, the trail follows the ridge of an ice age creation, the Jären pebble ridge.

At the village of Hårsjö, you meet Skåneleden’s SL2 North to South trail and below the dense forest you will find the overgrown Hårsjön. The place was suitable for raids and it is said that a snapphaneliga had its hideout here during the 17th century.

At the end of the 19th century, Vittsjö was a health resort with a guest house and rest home. The area was previously the borderland between Denmark and Sweden. Vittsjö's memorial stones tell of wartime and when King Gustav II Adolf walked through the ice.

At the end of the route, you walk just south of Vittsjö lake system and the imaginative site of Vittsjöborg that rises on a headland between Pickelsjön and Mellomsjön. The castle was built in the 1330s and destroyed in a fire about 30 years later. To experience the castle, a canoe or boat trip is required.

Along the way you pass several ruins, many of them marked with a croft number that symbolizes the crofts that once stood there.

8 km


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Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
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Photographer: Apelöga

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