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1 Sölvesborg - Grundsjön

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Jenny Brandt

Along paths and small roads you hike up on Ryssberget. Here you can enjoy the tranquility, old natural forest and breathtaking views of Listerland.

The route starts at the station in Sölvesborg and leads you out of the city and up towards Ryssberget. The name Ryssberget comes from the word "rice" which means small forest or thicket. On forest roads and rocky paths, you continue through deciduous forest, past views of Listerlandet, and towards Ryssbergsstugan which is located on a horst that rises 150 meters above sea level.

On the ridge, Skåne and Blekinge counties meet and here is also Blekinge's largest beech forest. On forest roads through spruce plantations, the hike continues upwards, as you approach Grundsjön, nature changes character and slopes with species-rich beech forest line the trail.

In addition to the widespread beech forests, there is also a large element of oak and hornbeam. In the forests you can meet deer, elk, hare, fox and badger. If you are lucky, you can also see Blekinge's four woodpecker species in the area; greater woodpecker, lesser woodpecker, crow and cuckoo.

This Skåneleden route is one of the oldest and was completed in the autumn of 1978. Look east and keep an eye out for Gammalstorp's church. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was located on an island in Lake Vesan. On the island, there used to be a 12th century church and even further back a pagan place of worship.

14 km


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Började gå Leden där Ryssberget börjar. Jättefin vandring första 4 km sen blir den rätt tråkig. För mycket skogsväg för min smak, men härlig avslutning vid Grundsjön. Är Grundsjön ditt huvudmål är mitt tips att ta etapp 2 bakvänt istället.
Dec 2021




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Vandra på skogsbeklädda Ryssberget Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Beundra de öppna vyerna från Ryssberget Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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