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6 Vesslarp - Glimåkra

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    19 km

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Jenny Brandt

Here you walk through large forest, stormy forest and past moss fields. Occasionally, the darkness of the forest is broken against grazed slopes where the light flows. Stacked stone bridges and fences are a common sight along the route.

The eastern half of the route follows paths and forest roads through spruce forest, past bogs and wet deciduous forests. At Simontorp, the hike changes character and the closer you get to Glimåkra, the more the landscape opens up in bright and rocky pastures. At Tockarp, there are several large moving blocks that the ice sheet has moved here. At the village crossing, you pass Blotastenen, once a sacrificial altar. The last stretch to Vesslarp's camp site is on an exercise track through a forest, past an open-air swimming pool and on a steep path up on Trollabackarna.

Along the stage, you pass several well-preserved tar valleys, here pine stumps were converted into tar. Arch bridges, stone courtyards, cow streets and rope saunas are also in the vicinity of the trail and testify to the lives of previous generations in these rocky areas.

Northwest of Vesslarpssjön are the ruins of Spjutstorpet. At Simontorpsån, you will find a sawmill that is still in usable condition. Initially, it was powered by a large water wheel, but the turbine was installed early. With a button in the mill and a cable to the home, the mill owner was the first in the village with electric light.

A few kilometres west of Simontorp, Skåneleden enters Ryavägen, the old national road between Denmark and Sweden. During peacetime, people came on foot or with wagons loaded with goods. Later, the wars of the 17th century took place.

19 km


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Vandra i skogen mellan Vesslarp och Störnhult. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Etappen leder dig fram i ett pittoreskt landskap. Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Läs våra tips på utrustning innan du ger dig ut på premiärvandringen. Photographer: Johan Hammar

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