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16 Båstad - Hovs hallar

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Mickael Tannus

Hike the northern slopes of Hallandsåsen Ridge with its geological treasures, lush nature, breath-taking views, and the fabulous gardens of Norrviken. Maybe you have room in your knapsack for one of the traditional Swedish handicrafts for which Båstad is known.


Your starting point is the beach town of Båstad. A bit to the east, the Stensån River spills out into the Baltic, after winding its way through rich forests and fens. As you walk along the coast on a cycling trail, keep watch for harbour seals. They often climb up and rest on the rocks sticking up out of the water close to shore.

Continuing along the coast, you pass the nature reserve of Småryd, a small forest where the oak, beech, maple, ash and lime are left to age, while the evergreens are thinned out to enhance the area’s characteristics. You turn slightly inland, where the trail takes on a Mediterranean feel, with sea views and winding roads. There’s a lot of ground water on the northern slope of the ridge and the soil is rich giving rise to unusually good growing conditions.

Say goodbye to the pavement, as your footsteps carry you up a winding path to Englandsdals Nature Reserve. This is where the geology gets interesting and you share the views with grazing animals. There are deep ravines with 30-metre-high cliff walls, scree slopes and a stream which has eroded a deep cleft in the ground. The last stretch along a winding road through open, hilly countryside brings you at last to Knösen, one of Skåne’s highest points and you can see out over the entire Bjäre coast.

Cultural History

The name Båstad comes from the word "Botstaedae" or “Boat Place” in English. Kristian I, king of Denmark, heard about the fabulous oaks growing on the ridge, suitable for ship building and in 1450, he bought the land and built a harbour, town and church. For an old town experience, visit Agardhsgatan Street, the town square and harbour. And don’t miss the church. Built in the Romanesque style, the brick tower was added around 1500, giving the church its present appearance.

There are several interesting historical sites in Båstad. The Galta stones were erected in the Iron Age but the associated stories of and ousted king and his horses are from medieval times.

By the harbour, there is a tennis centre and a couple of blocks further on, a tennis museum. In the 1930s and 1940s, Båstad was synonymous with tennis around the world, and internationally renowned tennis stars such as Björn Borg, Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg have all played here.

Båstad is home to some very special handicrafts. Märta Måås-Fjetterström (1873 – 1941) lived here and was renowned for her artistic, hand-woven mats, where she often included inspiration from the beautiful nature of this area. Båstad is also known for its production of traditional Swedish wooden clogs, handcrafted here since 1907.

Don’t miss the 70-metre-long defensive earthworks. The four canons standing there today are the same canons that fended off a Russian attack on the town in 1788. And at the end of the trail, if your feet are still in the mood, you can visit Kampehög, not far from Knösen, a burial mound from the Bronze Age.

Take the time to visit Norrviken Garden, which features seven different periods. There are rich woodlands dotted with orchids by the entrance and inside are seven period gardens.

16 km


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Kallbadhuset i Båstad Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Klippvandring med underbar utsikt Photographer: Anders Hjemdal
Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Var beredd på en lite tuffare vandring Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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