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20 Hålehall - Örlid

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Lisa Wikstrand

Forest roads and a dreaded royal road lead up to the top of the ridge. Forests and pastures spread as far as the eye can see. Here in the borderland live the stories of liberation and loss.

Along the path through the Hålehall area, you walk past several well-preserved remains of crofts. Some of them have signs with information. For a large part of the route you follow Kungsvägen, the old national road over the ridge. The stretch of road is called Postridaren's road and at Simontorp you pass Postrånarstenen. Here, the mail rider for Norwegian Post was murdered.

A little north you pass over Käglebäcken, the national border Denmark-Sweden between 1645-58. It is said that Queen Kristina jumped over the creek and exclaimed "Finally, I am free and outside Sweden, where I hope to never return". The year was 1654 and Kristina had just abdicated.

Along the route, you follow paths and roads on the south slope and top of Hallandsåsen. Through the Hålehall recreation area with brook ravines and substantial wetlands before planted spruce forest partially takes over. At Hulrugered, you pass pastures and a grazed solitary field. Fields like this were formed where the animals grazed hard and the soil was depleted. On bare spots, juniper seeds germinated and the animals then chastised the junipers so that they did not take over.

The area's farms, forests and fences were levelled with the land in the 1670s. The Swedish king wanted to get rid of the snapphane company that had taken over the top of the ridge and made a mess.

9 km


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Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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