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Lisa Wikstrand

Peaceful forests and ancient pasturelands. But in the 1600s this was an exhausting and terrifying route plagued by robbers and guerrillas. Or were they patriots? Decide for yourself as you hike the historical borderlands between Denmark and Sweden. Stories of liberation and loss still survive.


Climb footpaths and roads up the southern slope and to the top of Hallandsåsen Ridge. You come to the popular Hålehall Recreation Area with its many ravines with small creeks running at the bottom and wet areas. The beech trees block out much of the light, but the forest does open up here and there, as you follow forestry tracks through cultivated fir forests, and then a paved road to the top of the ridge.

At Hulrugered, the dominant feature is old pastureland. At one point in history, these pastures were overgrazed and the soil became exhausted. On bare patches, juniper seeds took root, and the animals then grazed the young junipers keeping the area open. But today in some of the pastures, the junipers have taken over.

Cultural History

In Hålehall Recreation Area you pass the remains of several well-preserved crofts, and there are clearance cairns scattered throughout the forest. Take the time to understand the area by reading the information signs.

A large part of this section follows Kungsvägen, or the old “King’s Highway” over the ridge. Long ago, this was an exhausting, dangerous trail through the disputed borderlands between Denmark and Sweden. Important messages were carried by messengers on horseback, hence the current name - Postridarens Väg, or “Post Rider Road”. At Simontorp, visit the stone memorial called Postrånarstenen, or “Post Robber Rock”. It was at this place in 1757 that a Norwegian messenger on horseback was murdered and robbed of 1680 riksdaler, the currency of the time.

Just to the north, you cross over Käglebäcken Creek, which marked the border between Denmark and Sweden from 1645 to 1658. In 1654 in connection with her abdication, Queen Kristina of Sweden, said to be one of the most educated women of the 1600s and the centre of scandal because of her refusal to marry, crossed this creek and shouted, “At last I am free and out of Sweden, to where I hope never to return."

At Örlid you come to a notable section of the old “King’s Highway”. In 1676, a pro-Danish partisan troop camped on the top of the hill for several months. From here they ambushed weary travellers, stole important mail, and aggravated the Swedish king in any and every way they could. As a result, the Swedish king had everything within firing range of the road destroyed, including all farms, stone walls and forests. Captured pro-Danish rebels were always executed.

Örlid is a crossroads for the Skåneleden Trail and you can choose the route east leading to Brammarp, or west to Korröd. 

9 km


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