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15 Brammarp - Båstad

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Torbjörn Lingöy

Paths and footpaths lead you through pastures and moss fields. Along winding roads you can stretch your gaze to the horizon. The landscape tells of the heights of the Bronze Age and the impoverishment of the land in the 19th century.

The hike over Älemosse and the adjacent pastures is refreshing. Here grow bellflower, porcupine and the small but surprising plants round reed hair and small reed hair. They attract insects with drops on the leaves and then extract nutrients from them. At Älemossen, you walk past ruins for crofts and peat bogs. The peat was broken, divided into pieces, dried and then stored for a long time.

At Örlid, you pass the old royal road. Long ago, this was a tough passage with exhausting slopes in the borderland between Denmark and Sweden.

At Ledtorpet, there are boulders with bowl pits, or river mills as they are also called. They belong to the most common type of rock carvings. On the slope next to the road there is a linen sauna where the linen was dried before preparation. Breaking, shearing and crocheting were used to create soft curls which were then spun and woven into linen fabric.

Lya fälad is a large meadow heath and a small remnant of what the ridge looked like a hundred years ago. Meadow, juniper, blueberry and lingonberry grow on the poor soil. Next door is an old hay meadow with many rare flowers, such as buttercups and several orchids.

At the northern part of the route you have a wonderful view of the landscape and Laholmsbukten. Here you walk through Hallandsås north slope nature reserve which is dominated by deciduous forest and heavily hilly terrain. The hike ends with a steep path down towards Båstad Campsite where water and toilets are available.

12 km


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