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15 Brammarp - Båstad

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Jenny Brandt

Wide open spaces – sometimes as far as the eye can see. Ancient pastures, bogs where carnivorous plants thrive, and “elf mills” chiselled into great boulders. This landscape tells of the high points of the Bronze Age and the soil depletion of the 1800s.


Wander along footpaths through forests and old pastures, a boardwalk across Älemosse bog and small paved roads along the crest of the Hallandsåsen Ridge. The stiles that you climb over serve a function today and you share the trail with grazing animals. Remember to keep your distance.

Walking the wetlands and their adjacent pastures is a refreshing experience. Cross-leaved heath, bog myrtle and the small carnivorous plants, round-leaved sundew and long-leaved sundew, grow here. The droplets of moisture on their leaves attract insects, which get stuck, and then the plant feeds off the nutrients in their bodies. At 180 metres above sea level on the Hallandsåsen Ridge, you find the Älemossen Bog, renowned for the black grouse and its spectacular territorial and mating displays.

Wandering through the sweeping heathland of Lya Fälad is a walk through the past. This is how most of the ridge looked one hundred years ago. The terrain is hilly and strewn with boulders and unsuitable for cultivation, so it was left for animals to graze. The soil is poor, but heather, juniper, bilberries and cowberries grow in abundance. Just nearby, there is an old hay meadow with many rare flowers, such as globe flower and several orchids.

On the northern part of the trail you can take in the view out over the whole of Laholmsbukten Bay with its sandy beaches. The view is breath-taking. A steep slope takes you down to a campsite and the town of Båstad. Those sandy beaches are not far, and perhaps a dip in the Baltic is just what a tired, satisfied hiker needs.

Cultural History

At Örlid you pass over the old Kungsvägen or “King’s Highway” in English. Long ago, this was a challenging passage with exhausting hills through the borderland between Denmark and Sweden. In 1676, a pro-Danish partisan troop camped on the top of the hill for several months. From here they ambushed weary travellers, stole important mail, and caused aggravation in any and every way they could. As a result, the King had everything within firing range of the road destroyed, including all farms, stone walls and forests.

Along the edge of the Älemossen wetland, you can explore the ruins of crofts and peat storage barns. The peat was cut from the bog, divided into pieces, dried and then stored in the barns for later use as fuel.

Along the trail at Ledtorpet there are two Bronze Age petroglyphs in the form of small bowl-like hollows chiselled into large boulders. These are referred to as “elf mills” in old Swedish folklore, which suggests that later inhabitants thought they were used by elves to grind flour. They represent the most common type of petroglyph and are found on all continents except Antarctica.

On the slope by the road there is a flax drying house. The inner plant was first rotted away with moisture, then dried. By breaking, beating and hackling, soft curls were created which were then spun and woven to make linen cloth. Linen textiles in traditional patterns are still widely available in Sweden. 

12 km


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Photographer: Jenny Brandt
Öppna vyer mellan Brammarp och Korröd Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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