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21 Ängelsbäcksstrand - Båstad

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Here you walk across the Bjäre Peninsula. Over the wooded ridge and the open slopes with views. Grevie's beautiful slopes, rushing waterfalls and a place for the powerless.

On this route you walk over Bjare's crooked roads and Grevie hills. From the flat coast and up the ridge’s hilly terrain. Hallandsåsen consists of an 80 million year old horst of bedrock. On the slope of the ridge, you walk over Grevie hills, pebble ridges that were deposited 14,000 years ago. The slopes are grazed and you have to climb over several transitions. There are plenty of anemones and butterflies here.

Hills have been used as grazing land for the village's domestic animals for a long time. South of you is a tree-shaped track that led the animals out to the pasture. If you look closely, you will also see remains of arable lands and tombs from the Bronze and Iron Ages.

At Lyngebjärsknall, you pass a shaft that was excavated in connection with the construction of the railway tunnel through Hallandsåsen. On the opposite side of the road, you will find a remnant of Axelstorp's outfield, a meadow with hawthorn and beautiful hedgerows. East of Axelstorp the mountain falls steeply and by your side is the classic family cliff. Where the old and powerless are said to have met their fate.

During the climb up, the open view is increasingly replaced by deciduous forest and at Axelstorp, you have a species-rich deciduous forest with a brook ravine by your side. It slopes steeply down towards the Sinarps valley and the water plunges down several falls. A winding path takes you further down the north slope of the ridge.

At the bottom of the valley is Lyabäcken and even more interesting deciduous forest. On the opposite side of the railway there is a classic botanical sites. Spring onions, celandine, hedgehogs and forest twigs grow here.

14 km


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