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19 Vejbystrand - Hålehall

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Lisa Wikstrand

On smaller roads across the plains of the Bjäre Peninsula and along a path up the slope of the ridge. Visit an exhibition about a tunnel or a stately lime sauna. See flocking birds and rich beech forest.

Here you walk via Vejbystrand, a hotspot for bird watching. Look out over the beach and the islands of Inre and Yttre Grytskär. There are lots of seabirds and resting waders here. In winter, you can see cormorants, woodpeckers and rare larks.

Vejbystrand is a fishing village that became a bathing and health resort and in 1903 got the country's first coastal sanatorium. You can glimpse sanatorium buildings inside the bush and find out more in the local museum

On smaller roads, you pass the flat plain with views. In the grazed forest at Flickebäck, you’ll see piles of farm pits and smaller earthworks. These were created when the land was used as a field. Here you can deviate from the trail and visit Förslöv's restored linen sauna and wrestling cabin. Here, linen was dried and broken to eventually become linen fabric.

Closer to Förslöv, the hike becomes more natural and you follow paths through a grazed forest. Just north of, you begin the ascent of the southern slope of Hallandsåsen. A wide path winds up the beech-covered slope.

The Hålehall route goal is a well-visited hiking area. Here you will find valuable meadow beech forest, brook ravines and grove plants such as spring onions and magic grapes.

11 km


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