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14 Koarp - Brammarp

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Jenny Brandt

Here you walk on a route far from buildings that offer plenty of forest, paths and small roads. Keep an eye out for moose, beetles and playing birds.

Northwest of Koarp, you walk into the Musikedalen Valley, which has been difficult for humans to access and has been left to develop freely. In the nature reserve, there are plenty of several hundred-year-old tree trunks that have rotted and are sought after for sensitive lichens, fungi and beetles.

A short distance from the trail you will find Djurholmamossen, Åstarpemossen and the Pennebo wetland with constantly flowing water sources. Djurholmamossen is unique to Skåne and part of a hiking area.

At Högalteknall, you pass Halland's highest peak, 226 meters above sea level. In the area around Ekered you walk past an exciting landscape with large trees where the wood is rotten, the holes formed there are important for small insects and birds. A little further afield, you will find Ekered's herb - rich meadow, which in early summer sparkles has flowering buttercups and Virgin Marie keys.

Around Ekered, the human traces are many and clear. From the early Middle Ages, you can find long narrow meadows and fields with parallel stone paths. There are also ruins from the three farms that were abandoned in the 1940s. Around the village lay inland fields and meadows, Ekered nature reserve is one of these meadows. You see remnants of the village's fields in the spruce forest, where mounds of cleared stone remain.

Right next to the trail is the valuable wetland area and the Svinamadsbäcken nature reserve. The stream is important for the area and many different species grow along it. Despite the fact that felling ceased a long time ago, the old wetland fields are still completely open, as are the occasional scattered bushes of alder and birch. 

17 km


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Höstvandring på Skåneleden Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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