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5 Höganäs - Domsten

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Coastal paths, through gnarly pine woodlands to the town of Höganäs – famous for its ceramics and 200 million-year-old footprints, and then to the fishing village of Viken. This stretch of trail includes coastal heathlands and sand dunes where the vegetation is truly special.


This section of the Öresundsleden Trail is a part of the Kullaleden Trail, a hiking route of exceptionally high, international standard.

South of Höganäs, you’ll experience small pastures and fishing villages. Near Lerberget, you’ll be passing soft sand dunes and thousands of pasque flowers. 

Väsby strandmark is a region along the coast, and a little further, heath vegetation and heather predominate. Along the shoreline, in the nature reserve, there are blue eryngos, an unusual and endangered species of plant that mostly grows on sandy beaches.

Once you’ve passed Viken, you’ll see a stream with loosestrife and the rare great horsetails. If you see embankments that run parallel to the coast, you’ll be looking at traces of an ancient sea. The old shoreline is called the Littorina sea wall, and the embankments were deposited here 4,000 to 7,000 years ago.

Cultural History

Tradition has it has King Charles XII ordered boatswains to come to Lerberget and build cottages for themselves and their families. Lerberget was one of the coastal villages of the 19th century, for which, not only fishing, but also shipping and shipbuilding played important roles.

Viken is a fishing village with lots of character. The village was a major community with over 40 farms, even back in the 1570’s. The southern part will bring you to the older section of the village, with its fisherman’s cottages, captains’ homes and drying places for nets. You’ll also find bare rocky ledges dotted with slipränna rock carvings from the Stone Age.


The meadows and heaths that you pass are remnants of the giant Kulla fälad meadows.

11 km


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Min son, Hans, och jag gick norrut på denna sträckan 12/1-2022. Det är fint och lättvandrad - och tidvis tungt att vandra i sand. Vi rekommenderar varmt en lunch på Vikans Hamnkrog. SL5 är väldigt bra markerad.
Jan 2022
Jan Kennet Larsen co Jakob Larsen




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Domsten eldplats Photographer: Apelöga
Domsten lägerplats Photographer: Apelöga
Vikens hamn Photographer: Apelöga

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