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21 Skanörs hamn - Falsterbo

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Mickael Tannus

You walk along the south coast on paths, sandy beaches and along a living canal. Here there is breadth and space, with Skanör's heather as the absolute highlight. Autumn's raptor-rich airspace, a vibrating lagoon and grazed heath with history carved into the ground.

Like the stage across the Falsterbo peninsula, between Höllviken and Skanörs harbour, you are treated to a large portion of sand. The entire peninsula is made up of this material and the surrounding sea is a sandy walking area with a lively fish life to say the least.

The headland is also an internationally known migratory bird location, as many of Northern Europe's migratory birds use it as a springboard before the journey south. On warm autumn days, the air space above Skanör's heather is covered with soaring birds of prey. They use the thermals, the warm air that rises from the ground, to gain altitude and then sail out across the Öresund.

Just south of you, you see Ängsnäset, the promised land of the birds. Here there is a lagoon that is embraced by a long, narrow revel, and in the shallow water waders such as shearwater and redlegs stroll.

East of the heather, you follow golf paths past puddles where you may come across the unusual stink toad. On early summer nights, you can hear the crackling song of playful toads. In order not to disturb, there is a ban on picking balls during the period.

Just north of the golf course, curiosity is aroused by the enigmatic place Skyttsie hage. Embankments and house foundations tell us that there was a larger settlement here during the High Middle Ages (1200-1350 AD). Was it the king's temporary night quarters, a royal farm? With a deer or hunting park to get lost in? Or something completely different? If you look deeper, you will find traces of an older settlement than that, from the time just after the birth of Christ. Was this the peninsula's first agriculture?

You walk the eastern stretch of the stage on the beach and during the warm season you get to mingle with sunbathers and kite surfers.

During the hike across Skanör's heather, you get to experience how the peninsula looked 150 years ago, when most of it was open land and filled with grazing animals. In the western part of the heather you walk over the small stream Ammerännan. In the Middle Ages this was a navigable channel, at least with flat-bottomed boats.

9.1 km


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Photographer: Lobster & Swan
Photographer: Lobster & Swan
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