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4 Mölle - Höganäs

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Mickael Tannus

Leaving Mölle, also known as the pottery town, you continue on shore walks, past gnarled pine forests and charming fishing villages. From time to time, you’ll find coastal heaths where the wind has created dunes, and the flora is definitely unique.


This section of the Öresundsleden Trail is a part of the Kullaleden Trail, a hiking route of exceptionally high, international standard.

South of Mölle, your walk will alternate between a railway embankment and seaside heaths teeming with birds. These heaths are the remainder to Kulla fälad, a giant pasture that stretched for miles. Close to the watermill, you’ll find orchids, and in June, you’ll hear the honking song of the fire-bellied toad.

As Nyhamnsläge fishing village, you’ll find the tall Austrian pine and the bush-like dwarf mountain pine. The old buildings around the harbour attest to the rich fishing and shipping history of this community. 

Cultural History

Take a little detour to see Krapperup Manor, which had a major effect on the Kulla area ever since the Middle Ages. Once the property of the Krognos family, the manor currently belongs to the Gyllenstiernska Krapperupsstiftelsen Foundation.

When the railway reached the exclusive bathing town of Mölle in 1910, the Strandbaden railway station was also built. This area became the summer resort of choice for the people of Höganäs, and to the east of you can see rows of summer homes.

In the 1720, the then owner of the Manor, commissioned the construction of Lerhamn, a harbour with its bottom covered with blue clay. The pine forest along the coast was also planted at the request of the Manor. The trees were meant to hold together the sand, and protect the farms further inland.

Höganäs is well-known for its ceramics, but originated as a fishing village and mining community. The kilometre-long mining passages underground, and remains of slag heaps, give an idea of mining between 1797 and 1961.

12 km


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Väldigt vacker och lättgången sträcka. Jag gick Höganäs-Mölle och hade fin utsikt hela vägen. Ett särskilt tack till Nyhamns byförening som har ordnat en åretruntöppen toalett. Det är inte helt lätt att fixa toabesök annars under sträckan eftersom man går nära bebyggelse hela tiden.
Apr 2022




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Photographer: Aske Jørgensen
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Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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