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19 Klagshamn - Falsterbokanalen

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    21 km

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A hike that takes you past a white sandy beach and cozy residential areas. Paths and walking paths take you through a unique natural area with unusual birds and toads.

This hiking stage continues through residential blocks with a view of the Fotevik area. The open and flat land along the coast has been used as grazing land for over 1000 years. Even today, the coastal meadows are used as pasture, the hardy plants taste extra good from the Öresund's brackish water. The coastal meadows have a special bird fauna with waders and ducks. Here you can see, among other things, tufted whip, little woodcock and snow sparrow.

The green-spotted toad and the beach toad are two species that are particularly linked to the Fotevik area.

If you think of Vikings when you hear the name Foteviken, you are on the right track. The fact is that you are in a village that was very popular during the Viking Age. At the entrance to Foteviken there is a barrier over 300 meters long that began to be built in the 980s. The barrage consists of stone and the remains of a handful of Viking ships and served as protection against enemies.

In close proximity to large parts of the stage, there are buses if you want to hop on and off along the stage.

21 km


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  • 15-26 km
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