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Löddeköpinge - Bjärred

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Lisa Wikstrand

The trail goes through open countryside, leafy nature reserves, and along the coast to Bjärred’s Långa Brygga Pier, a popular tourist attraction dating back to the 1800s. Just after passing the Kävlinge River, you can make a detour to Borgeby Castle. The trail then passes through Borgeby, along the coast, and past the summer homes of the “landed gentry” in Bjärred.


You will cross over Kävlinge River, which is one of Skåne’s largest waterways and home to species such as thick shelled river mussel, trout, salmon, perch, common minnow, and stone loach. Here, you will be hiking in Lomma Municipality and the trail follows the bike trail through the fields with a view of the open plain landscape in both directions.

Near Borgeby, you will enter Domedejla Mosse, a nature reserve with woodland, tall herbs, ponds, and a mowing field. The southwest part of the nature reserve consists of damp soil, where you can find typical species like common reed and yellow iris. The forest has a rich diversity of trees and shrubs, like birch, oak, elm, maple, mountain ash, elder, pine, spruce and larch. In glades within the forest, you can find some slightly rarer plants like marsh grass of Parnassus and Rhinanthus minor (yellow rattle). At the border to the west grow forsythia, calling to mind the farms of yesteryear. The area has plenty of birds, including the marsh warbler, robin, fieldfare, tawny owl and common buzzard.

The trail leads out of the forest and continues towards the coast, with views of the plains and the sea. Near the sea, a short detour takes you to Löddesnäs Bird-Watching Tower, where you can see the western marsh harrier, bearded reedling, common reed bunting, snipe and – if you are lucky – a glimpse of the shy water rail running around in the reeds.

You will follow a walking path along the coast to the salt sea baths of Bjerreds Saltsjöbad and to the bathing pier known as Långa Bryggan. The sea has far-reaching shallows and is rich with beds of common eelgrass. The old park at Bjerreds Saltsjöbad has an array of older growth and a beech forest feel. Among the creatures calling it home are a number of species of bats.

Cultural history

You will not regret making a detour to Borgeby Castle, which in the Viking days was an important hub for controlling trade by both water and land. In the 1000s, the location of the current castle was the site of a wooden Viking ring fortress (known as a trelleborg in Swedish). Efforts are currently under way to transform the castle into the cultural centre it once was. Among other things, it is home to collections from the last castle owner, the artistic work of Ernst Norlind, and a café. In the summer, you can rent a canoe or take a cup of coffee in the beautiful castle café. The trail continues across the plains to Borgeby, which has been part of the historical record since the Middle Ages. The old village was located at the castle and church, but the village moved to its current location at Västkustvägen in late 1859/early 1860.

Outside of the mouth of the Löddeån River, there are remains of a Viking port that at low tide rise above the surface of the water like a row of stones.

The last part of the section passes by homes that bear witness to Bjärred’s time as a summer resort for well-to-do residents of Lund. Bjerreds Saltsjöbad was a popular destination around the turn of the century, with cold bath house, tennis courts, spa hotel and restaurant. The current cold bath house was completed in 2004 and stands at the end of the 574-metre wooden pier – the longest in Skåne.  

8 km


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Gyllins ängar Photographer: Lomma kommun
På en träspång nås Lödde ås mynning med fantastisk fågelskådning
Friska havsvindar och vackra vyer kantar SL5. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Öppet landskap vid Gyllins ängar. Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Naturreservatet Domedejla mosse Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Långa bryggan i Bjärred. Photographer: Lomma kommun

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