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4C Skyrup-Hässleholm

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Torbjörn Lingöy

A beautiful walk along Finjasjön full of bird life.

Leave Skyrup and continue north along Finjasjön past the bathing place in Mjölkalånga. Here you can take the opportunity to take a dip if you hike here in the summer. In the spring you are invited here to a sea of ​​beautiful yellow-flowering sword lilies. From here you can make a detour to the village of Finja to take a look at the 12th century church with beautiful frescoes.

You can also make a detour to the bird tower where you have a great view of the bird sanctuary around Fågelön which is located a few hundred meters outside the tower. Next to the island you often see bearded ducks, coots, mallards, pineapples and vultures. Several humpback whales usually build nests in the reeds around the tower and during the summer you see daily how the ospreys come flying to the lake to fish

Son you will pass the site of Swedens oldest settlement where 14,000-year-old flint objects have been found. When you have passed Almaån, you can take the opportunity to take a look at the bird platform Slingra you next to Finjasjön, where you can look for waders and other species that are found in the bird protection area, such as great bustard, single snipe, redshank and tufted lapwing. There is also a barbecue area.

Near the trail you will find Mölleröd's royal estate. In 1601, the Danish queen's court mistress Beate Huitfeldt received the then royal court as a gift from King Christian IV. She built a new facility on the site and the Danish king often visited on his travels between Copenhagen and Kristianstad.

Now follows a pleasant stretch with a view of Lake Finja and along historic pheasant streets with elements of both oaks and orchids. You will soon reach Hässleholmsgården with a hostel, campsite and windbreak. This farm has given the city of Hässleholm its name. In 1860, the then owner, Lieutenant August Ehrenborg, leased the heath where the station is today in the center of the city. In 1964, the city of Hässleholm bought the manor and today it is used for various outdoor activities and events.

When you have left Hässleholmsgården, you continue into central Hässleholm where the next stage begins.

16 km


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Mycket trevligt att vandra längs den långa spången (1.6km) i Regnskogen. Det finns två platser med bord och sittplatsar mitt i Regnskogen. En mycket speciäll miljö. Sträckan rekommenderas starkt, även om ett par sektioner var under 6-8cm vatten. Så vandrastövlar rekommenderas för tillfället.
Nov 2021
Jan Kennet Larsen




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Photographer: Torbjörn Lingöy

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