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19 Dörröd - Blentarp

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On small roads in south central Skåne and across the Romeleåsen Ridge, with views over Vombsänkan with its wetlands and lakes. Wander through woodlands and past ancient pastures. Why not have a meal at an inn serving traditional local dishes? You can also see a rare collection of linens, skilfully woven in the 1700s by six sisters for their trousseau.


Early along the trail, you will see several conspicuous boulders and blocks of stone. Some are said to have been thrown there by the giant Finn, who lived in a deep grotto under Romeleåsen Ridge. As everyone knows, giants hate the sound of church bells, and in their irritation, they hurl giant boulders at churches to stop the bells from ringing. Today, the more accepted explanation is that the boulders were left where they stand by retreating glaciers. 

Nearby the stone block named Dygnesten is a little creek in a little valley, where the humidity is high and constant. Here you’ll find many unique species that thrive in the special climate, and the area is considered a key habitat. 

The ancient pasture of Humlarödshus Fälad has been grazed for centuries and is one of the most species-rich nature reserves on Romeleåsen Ridge. Notice the many types of herbaceous plants and flowers, and if the season is right, the many butterflies who enjoy them. After a few more kilometres of wandering eastward, you pass the stony pasture of Lilla Rödde, and another valuable river valley.

At Simontorp the trail follows along a wildlife enclosure and there is a good chance of seeing wild boar and deer. You are also welcome to go into the enclosure.

Cultural History

In the 1700s, there was an innkeeper at Everlöv who had six daughters, some of whom were extremely skilled in the art of weaving in the Flemish style. This unique collection of linens can be viewed at the local history museum at Lilla Rödde. The deep colours are well-preserved as they were kept safely hidden away in bridal chests, as part of the trousseau.

Take a little detour from the trail to experience a traditional working farm at Östarp a couple of kilometres from the trail. Here the fields are ploughed with horses and hay is cut with scythes. All tasks are done in the old, traditional ways with old, traditional tools. Even the livestock are of old, heritage breeds. Nearby is an inn/restaurant where you can partake of traditional dishes from Skåne, for example, differently spiced pickled herring or an oven-baked type of omelette.

The wildlife enclosure at Simontorp has a long history, and deer and fish have been bred here since the 1600s. In more recent times, Simontorp has been known for the signal crayfish and king prawns they farm. A previous owner, Ruben Rausing, the founder of TetraPak, had a barn built here, where the cows stood on rubber mats.

12 km


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Photographer: Apelöga
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