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4B Hovdala - Skyrup

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    20 km

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The section gives you historical and modern architecture when you walk between the castle and the Tree house. Old forests and lakeside experiences complete the hike.

You start at the gate tower at Hovdala castle and hike west in a hilly landscape and through sheep pasture gardens to Hovdala Tree House. The tree house was built in 2006 and is the largest tree house in the Nordic region for year-round operations. The house is built of wood and glass and is supported by steel columns. In the summertime, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of a cup of coffee from the veranda in the Treehouse café at five meters in height in the crowns of trees. During the off-season, the house is open for different meetings and conferences, and for Sunday picnics when you are welcome to take a seat with your own coffee.

From the Tree House, the trail continues up to the vantage point at Dalleröd's heel. You walk past an impressive old oak and through a brook ravine with wild nature that is rather similar to primeval forest. After that, several places with volcanic remains follow before you reach Glada Getens farm dairy in Lilla Oberöd. Then on Matterödsåsen you will sometimes walk through wet areas with blasts over mosses and marshes.

Back towards the castle you pass Tullkvarn and Boketorp. At the gate tower you go through the castle courtyards, garden and park and continue north in the direction of Lake Finjasjön. At the lake you'll go west past the Gold Coast and follow the edge of Lake Finjasjön. You walk on smaller paths through beach forests and close to buildings. In the Dalleröds forest you can enjoy a sea of ​​white sips during the spring.

The hike ends at the small community Skyrup. Here you will find Skyrup's mansion dating back to the 1400s and at the golf club you can have lunch and overnight.

20 km


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  • 15-26 km
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Hovdala slott Photographer: Carolina Romare
Utsikt från Hovdala Trädhus Photographer: Cecilia Simon
Trädhuset Photographer: Sven Persson
Utsikt över Hovdala
Photographer: Torbjörn Lingöy

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