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Arkelstorp - Österslöv

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Here, you’ll be walking along old railway lines, on gravel tracks through open landscapes and diverse forest environments with a view over Lake Råbelöv, which invites you to take a refreshing dip at the end of the stage.

On the boundary between woodland and open plain lies Arkelstorp. Here, there is a shop, a café and a bus stop. The trail takes walkers south on the old road toward Kristianstad and then sets a course along the trackbed of the old railway. The hike along the disused railway line between Kristianstad and Immeln gives you a glimpse of days gone by when the trains were criss-crossing. The route was completed in 1885 and then remained in use until 1978, when it was closed. Several of the station houses are still standing along the way. More recently, the railway trackbed was purchased by the municipality of Kristianstad and turned into a track for cyclists and walkers.

The walk goes through both wooded areas and open landscapes to eventually reach the northern shore of Lake Råbelöv. The geology makes its mark both on the lake and on the surrounding area, and you can see Balsberget Mountain rising above the lake's western shore. At eleven metres, Lake Råbelöv is much deeper than the nearby lakes of Arasövssjön and Hammarsjön.

The hiking trail passes the bathing area at Ekestad, where you will find a non-flush toilet, tables, benches and barbecue facilities. From here you follow the trail along the lake through the landscape to Österslöv. Here, there is a harbour for small boats built by dedicated private individuals from the area, as well as a bathing area, a village pub and a bus stop. From mid-August 2021, there will also be an architect-designed wind shield. There are bus stops along the entire stage, so you can hop on and off at any point.

8.6 km


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Apr 2022
Ebba Johansson




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Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga

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