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Lerjevallen - Arkelstorp

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    8 km

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This section offers a family-friendly hike with varied landscapes, steep slopes, views of the mountain Balsberget and the popular outdoor area Lerjevallen.

The trail has its beginning and end at the old ski slope in Lerjevallen. The days of downhill skiing are long gone and today you instead walk over the slope of the hill on the way to Lerjevallen's outdoor area which is located by Lerjesjön. There are several windbreaks with barbecue area, toilet, exercise trails, parking, swimming area and drinking water. Nearby is also the Romeliaek, which has roots from the 12th century. It is the oldest mountain oak in Europe, and also a famous destination for tourists who visit Lerjevallen. Around the oak is an area with beautiful forest.

The hike goes through open agricultural landscapes in old cultural areas with apple orchards and pastures and meadows to turn into the beautiful beech forests for which the area is well known.

The village Arkelstorp has a long and exciting history, people have lived here since the 1000s when the place got its name. In Arkelstorp there is a grocery store and a bus to Kristianstad.

Walk through old Arkelstorp and past Brunnen in Arkelstorp which was well known already at the end of the 18th century. The iron-containing source was thought to be healthy and visitors from Stockholm, Malmö and Lund came to take a bath or drink the cleansing water.

8 km


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  • 7-15 km
  • Hund
  • Lätt
  • Sjö
  • Skog
  • Skåneleden




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