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Åhus - Nyehusen

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Lisa Wikstrand

A diverse nature experience taking you from lagoons to pine forests and sand dunes with the sea as a constant companion.


This stretch offers you a diverse nature experience with the sea constantly nearby. Much of the coast is covered by pine forests growing on meagre and sandy soils. The pine forest is relatively open, and the ground is covered by a thick carpet of lichens and mosses. The flora consists of a few species, but in the open areas you will see pink, immortelle and breckland thyme.

In the northern parts, you go through Äspet nature reserve with areas of reeds, mixed forest, coastal dunes and sandy beaches. Along the trail in the east corner of the reserve, there is a shallow lagoon that attracts lots of breeding and resting birds. There is also a bird tower overlooking the lagoon. Further south, the trail goes past the Water Kingdom’s outdoor museum, where you can read more about life underneath the surface, shipwrecks, bathing and the history or Ålakusten.

The central parts of the stretch go through the impressive dunes along the coastline. The sand dunes, which are sometimes more than 20 metres high, have formed over hundreds of years, when the landscape was more open. In the south, you then walk through the Gropahålet nature reserve, which is a popular area of outdoor activity, especially in the summer.

Cultural history

The entire coastline is now largely covered by pine forest, but this was not always so. In the Middle Ages, the need for timber and arable land was great, and the oak-covered coastline was gradually cleared. In the resulting open areas, the wind caught hold of the sand and shifting sands became a major issue for the local farmers. The solution was to plant large areas of pine trees in the early 19th century, which is the origin of the coastal pine forests that we have today.

The coastal area between Åhus and Kivik is called Ålakusten (meaning Eel coast). Eel fishing has long been an important source of income here. The trade has given the coast its characteristic traits, with its eeling sheds and drying racks for eel bucks.

16 km


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Åhus Photographer: Frits-Meyst
Åhus Photographer: Apelöga
Åhus Photographer: Apelöga
Pausa för fika vid Revhaken och de söta badhytterna Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
I skogen på Äspet slingrar sig leden mellan mjuka kullar Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Ute på Äspet hittar du en lagun och ett häftigt fågeltorn Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
I Åhus går leden längs med bryggan i gästhamnen. En glasspaus är ett måste! Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Gropahålet bjuder på hänförande vyer över formationer i sanden Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand

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