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Österslöv - Norra Lingenäset

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On the section between Österslöv and Norra Lingenäset, you’ll be hiking along Lake Råbelöv and then out into the arable landscape before heading in towards Kristianstad.

From the bathing area at Österlöv, the trail follows the old railway trackbed towards Kristianstad. At Österslöv's bathing area, there is also the architect-designed windbreak "pod" with associated fireplace. A bit from the windbreak at the preschool Kämpastället, there is also a water ejector all year round with drinking water.

The route is easy to walk and takes you along the eastern shore of Lake Råbelöv and onwards to Balsby. Here the plain meets the primary rock area, and on the other side of the lake you can see Balsberget Mountain rising up. At Balsby, the trail passes by the communal bathing area; here, there is a landing stage and a water slide and, if you are staying until the evening, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset over the lake. There is also a flush toilet.

The trail continues out into the arable landscape on the way towards Norra Lingenäset. In Kristianstad, you will walk through the park areas and then head out to Näsby Field Nature Reserve, which offers reed-covered beaches and broad-leaved deciduous forests. Near the trail is Lake Arasövssjön, which for much of the year is visited by large numbers of ducks, geese and swans. White-tailed eagles and other predatory birds have their hunting grounds in the area.

Past the open grounds of the nature reserve, the trail leads onwards to the Norra Lingenäset rest area. Here you will find a non-flush toilet, a bench/table, a barbecue area with a vending machine, a camp site and parking. There are bus stops along the entire stage, so you can hop on and off at any point.

11.8 km


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Photographer: Apelöga

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