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Kristianstad - Ekenabben

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    3.6 km

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Lisa Wikstrand

From central Kristianstad, you cross the largest watercourse in Skåne and then follow it down to the shores of Hammarsjön lake.


The quaint city centre has a wide selection of cafés, restaurants, accommodations and shops. Standing on poles out in the water, built entirely of wood with unexpected corners and crannies, you will see Naturum Vattenriket. From Naturum, the trail moves across Helge River and then follows the river along Tivoliparken and Udden to the banks of Hammarsjön lake. Fish in this circular lake include both common perch and freshwater bream. The trail follows Hammarsjön lake southwards, and in the spring you can spot the grass snakes stirring after their long winter hibernation. At the end of the beach, the trail turns inland again, taking you to rest stop Ekenabben where you will find dry toilets, bench/table, a grill area, a charcoal vending machine and parking.

This easy section of the trail consists mainly of gravel and asphalt roads, and it is therefore suitable for hiking with a pram.

Cultural history

Along the stretch, there are several opportunities to discover cultural rarities. At Ekenabben, you can read about the dance halls of the past and see the Archimedes’ screw that was used to pump water out of Nosabyviken when this inlet was drained in the 1800s.

3.6 km


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Alsumpskogen som omger rastplatsen för tankarna till hemlighetsfulla mangroveträsk Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Tio minuter från rastplats Ekenabben finner du mäktiga ekar i ekhagen Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Utsikt över Hammarsjön på väg mot Ekenabben Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Från Lillö vandrar du in mot centrala Kristianstad Photographer: Lisa Wikstrand
Naturum Vattenriket reser sig på pålar mitt ute i vattnet Photographer: Frits Meyst

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