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8 Frostavallen - Höör

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On paths and small roads you walk close to buildings, past planted forests and beautiful pastures. Ruins and memorial stones hide in the vegetation and water sources refresh during the tour.

Here the buildings are close but hardly noticeable anyway. The forest closes densely except for clear-cutting and young forest plantations. At Sjunnerup you pass through a couple of rocky pastures. Here, the trees have been able to spread out and create wide crowns. You also walk past the old train station. Large crowds of Malmö residents came here to visit Frostavallen's ski trails and hiking trails.

Spruce forest is dominant at this stage, but small deciduous trees line the path to the west and tall vine trunks to the east. At a couple of places you walk past really old and crooked trees, for example the fermented book at Bökestorp. It is a biotope in itself, below you will find the croft's old water source.

The journey continues over logs and above all rocks. Cultivation cairns can be found everywhere and terraces from previous cultivations are hidden on the slope. Discreet stone settings and burial mounds tell us that the area was used during the Iron Age.

In several places, the path goes straight through ruins after crofts and back cottages. Right next to the trail is the Brahestenen. Magnus Brahe rested here with troops in 1788. The Onsvala spring is the pearl of the stage. Here there is said to be magical water and once the "pagan people's" gathering place after battle.

In Höör there are restaurants, cafés and public transport.

7 km


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Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga

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