Combine hiking and canoeing

Hiking and canoeing in Skåne - a perfect outdoor weekend! Want to combine different outdoor activities during a weekend? In Skåne you can hike on Skåneleden one day and experience nature from the canoe the next day. Here are some suggestions for you:

Stockamöllan – Skäralid


Day 1 The Rönneå River offers an exciting paddling experience through scenic surroundings – especially if you choose the upper section where light rapids liven things up a bit. You can reach the starting point by first travelling by train to the town of Stehag, and then taking a bus to the village of Stockamöllan where you can rent a canoe. After an hour on the water, you enjoy an early picnic lunch in the Billinge Mölla Nature Reserve. Approximately another three hours of paddling on the river and you land at Djupadalsmölla Mill, where you can return the canoes. If you have a map, finding your way to the Skåneleden Trail on the western side of Rönneå River is easy. The trail passes 500 metres south of the canoe landing spot. By this point, you will have already paddled under the Skåneleden Trail in the form of a small suspension bridge. Or you can follow the road to the little town of Anderstorp where the trail is clearly visible. If you want to spend the night under the stars, why not pitch your tent at Skåneleden Trail’s Jällabjär Campsite – on an extinct volcano. But if camping is not your thing, there are cottages for rent in Anderstorp and several other accommodation options available in the village of Röstånga.


Day 2 Continue your journey on foot, hiking into Söderåsen National Park, where the Söderåsen Ridge boasts Skåne’s highest point. While there, take the opportunity to leave Skåneleden Trail and walk the path up to the overnight cottage called Liagården. From here you can follow a circular route that includes dramatic views from Kopparhatten Lookout out over deep ravines. And don’t miss the Skäralid Restaurant and Naturum Visitor Centre. It’s worth a visit. Skånetrafiken’s regional buses stop just below.


Useful links:

Kanotcentralen (info on canoeing and renting cabins)

Villa Söderåsen

Röstånga Gästgivaregård


This hiking suggestion includes hiking on SL3 Ås-åsleden Trail sections 6 and 5.




Day 1 The lake system in northeast Skåne really gives you that wilderness feeling. Public transportation brings you to the little community of Immeln where you can launch your canoe. Paddle north through Immeln Lake and then pitch your tent on one of the islands designated for camping. Please respect the regulations for bird sanctuaries and nature reserves.


Day 2 Continue paddling to Brotorpet, where you can return the canoe. From here you can continue on foot in a southern direction along the Skåneleden Trail. By all means take a dip in Immeln Lake - if it isn’t too cold. The beach here is amazing! Perhaps your legs are not in the mood to hike the last 10 kilometres of trail that takes you to the buses at Östafors. In that case, why not pitch your tent at the southern tip of Raslången Lake at Bökestad? It’s a perfect and popular place to spend the night.


Useful links:

Immelns kanotcenter


This hiking suggestion includes hiking on SL1 Kust-kustleden Trail sections 4 and 3





Day 1 This adventure combines lake and river canoeing. Östafors is your starting point, and there are good bus connections from the train station in the little town of Bromölla. Perhaps camping on one of the little islands in Skåne’s largest lake - Lake Ivösjön - appeals to you. Or you could always bed down in nearby Humletorkan Hostel.


Day 2 When your paddling ends at Axeltorp on day 2, you continue your Swedish hiking experience on foot for 2 kilometres until you reach the Skåneleden Trail. Follow the trail south over Ryssberget - a 150 metre high hill and the dominant feature of this area - perhaps resting at the Lake Grundsjön campsite at the top. Another alternative is to continue 14 kilometres until you reach the small city of Sölvesborg, where there is accommodation and train service.


This hiking suggestion includes hiking on SL1 Kust-kustleden Trail sections 2 and 1

Useful links::



Villa Orion

Hotell Edgar