Hiking on wheels in Skåne

Along the Skåneleden Trail, there are a number of stretches or places where it is possible for persons of all abilities to enjoy close contact with the natural beauty of the Swedish landscape. Here are a number of accessible, barrier-free stretches where everyone can enjoy the nature of Skåne, regardless of whether they need a walker, a wheelchair or a baby carriage.

Photo: Mickael Tannus

Additionally, all of Skåneleden Trail’s sections have been graded according to four levels of difficulty, where green means “very easy”: the terrain is even, the surface is firm, and the entire section is wheelchair-friendly. At present, not that many parts of Skåneleden Trail are graded at this level, but work is continuously underway to improve accessibility, so that everyone can get out and enjoy the Swedish countryside on a suitable section of trail. Our goal is that nature should be accessible to everyone.



Accessible trails


The KullaRulla Trail

Skåneleden Trail’s only fully-accessible section is a part of the sub trail SL5 Öresundleden Trail, on Kullahalvön Peninsula in northwest Skåne. Half of this 30-kilometre stretch of trail leads you along the coast between the fishing camps of Mölle and Lerberget, while the other half leads you through agricultural lands between the little city of Höganäs, known for its beautiful stoneware, and the village of Kattarp. Locally, this section of trail has become known as “Kulla-Rulla”, a rhyme that plays on the fact that “Rulla” means “roll” in Swedish and that the trail is accessible for hikers on wheels. Most of the surface of the trail is hard-packed gravel or asphalt, but there are also some patches of grass. There are virtually no elevation changes and there are many benches to rest along the way. Read more here at Kullaleden Trail's homepage.


Stenshuvud National Park

The Österlenleden Trail (SL4) runs right through Stenshuvud National Park. This particular piece of Skåneleden Trail is not wheelchair-friendly. But there are two other stretches in Stenshuvud National Park that are: the blue and green trails. Both are short and easy. One takes you to the sea while the other takes you around a botanical garden where non-native trees are cultivated. The area’s visitor centre building is wheelchair-friendly. For more information, go to Stenshuvud Nationalpark's homepage.


Söderåsen National Park

Circling Skärdammen Pond in Skäralid in central northwest Skåne is a 800-metre long nature trail. There is a wheelchair-friendly boardwalk along the entire length of this route, and even Kopparhatten Lookout is fully accessible. The Naturum Visitor Centre located nearby is also entirely accessible. For more information, go to Söderåsen Nationalpark's homepage.


Fulltofta Recreation Area & Visitor Centre

Fulltofta Recreation Area is in a beautiful location, with bountiful and varied nature in the heart of Skåne. It also boasts Skåne’s largest recreation area. There are ten marked trails, of which three are accessible (Ravinslingan, Fiskestigen and Strandpromenaden). Skåneleden Trail (SL2) runs through the area and passes Fulltofta Nature & Visitor Centre, where you can find entertainment at the interactive exhibition or enjoy a snack at the café. The building is fully accessible. Read more here (link in Swedish).



Accessible recreation areas

There are some 20 recreation areas in Skåne that offer hiking, fishing, canoeing, swimming and, perhaps best of all, an incredible natural landscape. Eleven of these recreation areas are wheelchair-friendly. This means that there are easily accessible trails with hard surfaces, park benches and tables, grill areas, fishing and outlook platforms, parking and toilets. Find out more here.




The hiking app: “Vandra i Skåne”


To be hearing- or vision-impaired does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy the flora and fauna of the Skåneleden Trail.


The hiking app “Vandra i Skåne” (translation: Hiking in Skåne) was launched in 2016 with the aim of increasing accessibility for persons with hearing- and/or vision-impairments and an interest in hiking. Öresundsleden Trail (SL5), one of the five main sub-trails of Skåneleden Trail, was first out with information in Swedish, English, and sign language for the hearing-impaired and audio recordings for the vision-impaired. This initiative makes Skåneleden Trail unique internationally. In the app, you can find selected points of interest along the trail, presented with information in plain text, audio recordings and through sign language interpreters on video. The app is available free of charge in App Store and Google Play.