Hiking with canine companions

Of course you can bring your dog along when you hike the Skåneleden Trail. Dogs are perfect hiking companions. They never complain about sore feet or bad weather! And they don’t distract you with smalltalk, so you can fully enjoy the silence and sounds of nature. But there are a couple of things to consider before you head out for a longer hike along the Skåneleden Trail with a dog.

Neither you nor your dog need to do any major preparation if you are heading out for a day outing along the Skåneleden Trail. But a dog that is not in good form or fully mature should not be subjected to longer hikes. Neither should you take a dog that is suffering from any kind of joint ailments or other problems that appear after any kind of physical strain. Keep in mind that a dog that is not used to walking more than one or two kilometres a day will probably not be able to cope with strenuous, long adventures through forests and over hill and dale.


For a day outing, all you need to have with you is water, food and a good leash. Longer hikes require more preparation. Below is a list of suggestions for what you can pack to keep your furry, four-legged companion happy:  

Packing suggestions for longer hikes with a dog

• dog food, prepared and measured out in the right quantities

• leash

• treats

• water, in case it’s warm. Especially in summer, wells can be dry or the water unfit for drinking.

• Food dish, which can also be filled with water for refreshing hot, tired paws if it’s a long way to the next stream or creek

• a towel for drying wet paws and fur if it rains

• harness for both you and your dog for hands-free hiking. You will be able to better maintain your posture under a backpack if you do not have to hold a leash all the time.

• dog pooh bags

• tick remover

• a rain covering/thermal covering for your dog

• first aid kit

• For longer excursions, you might consider letting your dog carry some of its own supplies. Saddle bags designed especially for dogs are sold in most pet supply stores. Your canine companion could, for example, carry his own food.

Where can I hike with my dog?

Do some trail research before you set out. According to the regulations laid out in the Right of Public Access, dogs must be kept on a leash or under close supervision in natural environments (in practice never more than 1 metre from the owner) for the period 1 March to 20 August. This also applies to pastures where grazing animals may be present. Please respect these regulations and do not allow your dog to run free. This regulation mandating that dogs must be leashed is to protect wildlife when they are most vulnerable, when they are raising their young. Dogs with strong hunting extincts should always be kept on a leash in the forest or other types of countryside. At all other times, it is desirable to keep your dog leashed. If it is unleashed, it must be under strict supervision so as to avoid any and all disturbance to wildlife. Special regulations apply for beaches, nature reserves and national parks. Read more here.

A Leash is compulsory in all national parks in Skåne, i.e. Stenshuvud National Park,

Dalby Söderskog National Park, and Söderåsen National Park.

Camping with a dog on the Skåneleden Trail

Many people hike the Skåneleden Trail spending the night at cabins along the way, and some of these visitors will be allergic to dogs. To ensure the comfort of all visitors, we recommend that you do not bring your dog to the overnight cabins along the Skåneleden Trail. Your canine companion is, however, very welcome to spend the night with you at any of the wind shelters along the trail if you always keep it under supervision and do not let it disturb other hikers. Tenting with a dog is another good alternative. Get your dog used to the tent before you hit the trail. That way you, your dog, and everyone else will have a calm night. Keep in mind that a wet dog tend tends to get everything inside the tent or in the wind shelter wet, so bring a towel so you can dry your dog as much as possible.

Swim areas for dogs along the Skåneleden Trail

If you’re hiking in the spring or summer when it’s hot, there’s nothing better than cooling off with a swim in a lake or sea. And that’s true for dogs as well as for humans! Here are some areas where your dog can take a dip in the sea along the Skåneleden Trail:

SL1 Kust-kustleden

-      At the pond by Osby lake, section 7

-      The beach north of the pier in Skälderviken Bay, section 22

-      At Vejbystrand beach, section 22

SL4 Österlenleden

-      Vårhallen north of the city of Simrishamn, section 5

SL5 Öresundsleden

-      Domsten, section 5 & 6

-      Laröd, section 6

-      Råå vallar, section 7

-      Örbyängar, section 7

-      Rydebäck, section 7 & 8

-      North of Lill-Olas beach, section 8

-      South of Borstahusen harbour, section 8

-      South of hamnhusens swim area (by the concrete pier),

-      In the beginning of Ribersborg Beach, Malmö

-      Skanör, section 20