Top 5 attractions along Skåneleden

Photo: Mickael Tannus

Skåne är fullt med härliga smultronställen, men vad får man inte missa när man vandrar på Skåneleden? Vi har listat 10 stycken sevärdheter som du inte får missa!


Here you are met by a landscape with rolling hills, open pastures and an unhindered view over the Baltic Sea. Wander along the coast or along the crest of the hill. 

 If you want to be awed by the aura of a mystical spot that dates back to the early Iron Age, visit Ales Stenar. Built somewhere between 500-1,000 AD, “Sweden’s Stonehenge” consists of 59 massive boulders arranged in the 67 metre long outline of a ship majestically located on the ridge above the fishing village of Kåseberga. Scholars can’t agree whether it’s a grave monument, astronomical clock or resting place of the mythical King Ale. But we think you’ll agree that this is a great place to visit. Check out the fabulous views over Österlen’s hilly landscape and the Baltic Sea, and if all that walking makes you hungry, end your day at Kåseberga harbour with a sumptuous fresh fish supper.

Section 2 on Österlenleden SL4 passes Ales Stones.

2. VEN

Legend has it that this small island between Landskrona and Denmark was formed when a giant dropped a lump of earth into the sea. The best way to explore the island’s beauty is by feet or by bike, which you can rent as soon as you step off the ferry. Don’t miss spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, a resort with a four star hotel, gourmet restaurant and Sweden’s premier whisky bar.

Section 9A, Öresundsleden SL5 goes around the island of Ven.


Kullaberg Nature Reserve is a place you just shouldn’t miss. Hike through the dramatic, unspoilt countryside, or go fishing, bird watching, diving or rock climbing. While you’re there, check out the Nimis artwork, a famous installation by the artist Lars Vilks which is a collection of bridges, tunnels and lookout towers created from driftwood. Be careful, the path down to Nimis is steep and slippery when wet.

Section 3 and section 4 on Öresundsleden SL5 passes through the Kullaberg Nature reserve.


Take the train to Helsingborg and hike along the coast to Sofiero Castle garden -voted “Europe’s most beautiful park” in 2009, this is the place to bring a blanket, fill your picnic basket and enjoy the thousands of rhododendron bushes decorating the surroundings. Feeling peckish? There’s a cafe and one of Sweden’s top restaurants on site. The park was donated to the city of Helsingborg by King Gustaf VI Adolf in 1959 and has been open to the public since 1974.

Section 6 Öresundsleden SL5 passes Sofiero Castle.


Skåne’s Grand Canyon is a green oasis that gets lusher every year. You’ll be blown away by the leafy deciduous forests, mighty scree with high cliffs, streaming watercourses and wide views. Especially popular are Skäralid, Odensjön and Nackarpsdalen and viewpoints at Kopparhatten. If you’re the exploring type try the park’s hiking trails, bike tours and overnight cabins. Just pack a picnic and go.

Section 4 and section 5 on Ås-åsleden goes through Söderåsen National Park.