Mountain biking in Skåne

This section will tell you about the mountain bike trails you’ll find in the recreation areas of Skåne. We have a total of 17.5 km of trails. Don’t ride outside of the marked trails, as your heavy wheels can risk ruining trails intended for walking and hiking.

Photo: Tannus Photography

The app describes many of these mountain bike trails. The app shows you who the trail is arranged, the surrounding nature, the level of difficulty and a score.

You can download maps of mountain bike trails from the Scanian Landscape Foundation website, under Strövområden (recreation areas). Read more about MTB Skåne on their website. We do not recommend biking on the Skåne Trail, as it is designed for only for hikers.



The 6.6 km long mountain bike trail loop in Järavallen has some gentle hills, with some more complex sections. The trail crosses hiking trails five times, and bikers must be extra careful at those intersections. The trail begins at the western parking lot and goes clockwise.

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In Kronoskogen, there is a marked area especially for bikers, where you can bike both on trails and open terrain. You bike in pine forests and on sand dunes. The beach is close by if you want to combine your biking with a quick swim. Lergöksrundan – a bicycle path that goes through much of Ängelholm – also goes through this recreation area and passes the marked biking area.

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The 5.3 km long mountain bike loop in Klåveröd goes on hilly trails, over roots and stones, and on easy forest trails. While this is not an extreme loop, it’s certainly challenging enough. You’ll get your share of lactic acid on the steep hills of the Söderåsen Ridge.

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The mountain bike trail in Skrylle goes through both coniferous and deciduous forests. The trail is 11 km long and is classified as fairly difficult, with some very demanding stretches. The loop is mostly in forested terrain with short parts on a paved bicycle path near Skryllegården and in Dalby.

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The mountain bike trail in Bockeboda is 6.4 km long but can be shortened by 2.8 km or lengthened by 3.6 km by adding two loops in the northern part. Pay attention to the warning signs and use caution where the trail crosses hiking and exercise loops. This trail was built in cooperation with CKC4 in Kristianstad and Härlövs IF.

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