Coastal hiking on Kullaberg

The Kullaberg Peninsula in northwest Skåne is a world-class hiking experience. This part of the Skåneleden Trail, Kullaleden Trail, is certified in accordance with the Leading Quality Trails standard, an overall rating of trail quality and richness of experience for hikers. The winding pathways of this popular trail lead you through lush, towering beech forests and past fascinating caves. There is no shortage of dramatic coastline views.

Photo: Johan Hammar

Where? Arild-Mölle. Length: 12 km. Difficulty: Difficult

This hike takes you along Skåneleden Trail sub-section SL5, the Öresundsleden Trail, around the Kullahalvön Peninsula at the tip of northwest Skåne.

Hop on a bus in Skåne’s second largest city, Helsingborg, and get off just above the harbour in the picturesque village of Arild. In medieval times, this little village was a fishing camp belonging to the bishop at the diocese in Lund. During the second half of the 1800s, the importance of tourism grew as artists and authors were increasingly drawn to the unique qualities of the summer light here.

Head north, keeping the orange markers as your faithful trail companions. As you follow the trail, the land starts to rise gently as you leave the water behind. Waiting for you in the forest is a typical Skåne farmhouse from the 1700s - Himmelstorp. If you are wandering past in the summer, we really recommend you to stop at the café, where home-baked delicacies will give you the energy for the coming climb.

If you have never seen the controversial artwork Nimis by Swedish artist Lars Wilks, this is your chance. Take a little detour off the trail, and make your way down to the shoreline. There is more information on the Nimis detour below. Back on the trail, and a few kilometres further along, you arrive at Håkull - Kullaberg’s highest point , 187 metres above sea level. The view from here is extraordinary especially in clear weather and more than compensates for the sweaty hike up.

If you want to enjoy this magnificent rocky coast from sea level, you can make your way down to Josefinelust Beach, named after King Oscar 1’s wife Josefina, who fell in love with the beauty of this place during a visit in 1865. Here you can also find some of the caves that this area is known for. After a dip in the ocean and the climb back up to the trail, lunch may be preoccupying your thoughts. In that case, Kullagårdens Wärdshus, a restaurant/inn, is a convenient and delicious choice.

At the tip of the Kullaberg Nature Reserve is Sweden’s most powerful lighthouse, Kullen, inaugurated more than 100 years ago. This is also the location of the Kullaberg Naturum Visitor Centre offering fun activities and exciting nature and animal exhibitions for kids and adults. There is also a worthwhile salt water aquarium, where you can get familiar with the marine life of Öresund Strait. A children’s favourite is touching a starfish! Kullaberg Naturum Visitor Centre is also a base for guided tours of the park on land or from the sea. Meals and beverages can be purchased just below the lighthouse. There is also a company, Birdwave, that sells binoculars and offers guided birding tours in the area.

When you feel ready to head back out onto the trail, a very enjoyable descent awaits you. Pause now and then to soak up the view. This is southern Sweden at it’s best. Enjoy! If you are in the mood for a cup of coffee, then Ellen’s Café at Ransvik Beach is next up - at least during the summer season. This beach was once considered a stronghold of sin. it was here that men and women started swimming at the beach, at the same time, for the first time in Sweden.

The next milestone is the little fishing village Mölle, where more opportunities for a snack or beverage await you at the harbour. Perhaps watch the sunset here, before saying goodbye - for this time - to this utterly classic, Skånsk tourist destination. You can catch a bus back to Helsingborg from the Mölle bus station, just a few minutes’ walk away.

Detour to Nimis

This detour takes about an hour, and you really have to be careful where you put your feet. Hike down the steep hill, being careful for loose rocks and large roots. On rainy days the slope can be quite slippery. As you near the shore, you hear the sound of waves and Lars Wilk’s Nimis, a series of large sculptures made from driftwood, rises to meet you. Climb back up to the trail the same way you came down, being just as careful.

Kullaleden Trail - Leading Quality Trail

Kullaleden Trail is a part of the Skåneleden Trail and a hiking route of exceptionally high, international standard. Leading Quality Trail certification of the stretch between Helsingborg and the tiny community of Utvälinge means that this part of Skåneleden Trail is one of only thirteen trails in Europe to receive this quality stamp. Read more about what a Leading Quality Trail is here.