Rent & book

Do you want to avoid unnecessary weight and order baggage transport between your accommodation? Do you lack of hiking gear and outdoor cooking equipment and just want to rent over a weekend? Here are some companies that can help you on site in Skåne.

Baggage transport

If you want to hike easily without heavy packing, you can choose to order baggage transport. These companies provide the service along the route:

- Bagagetransport

is operated by the company Sweden by Bike AB and offers transport of luggage up to 75 km within Sweden. Read more and book here.

- Travelshop

is a multifaceted company that offers luggage transport and bicycle rental. Read more and book here.

Rent camping equipment

Do you lack of hiking equipment or just want to test how it is to camp along the trail without having to buy a new tent? Then you can choose to rent one on site instead.

- Tent2rent

is a Malmö-based company offering rental of a variety of camping equipment from tents and inflatable mattresses to cooking utensils. Read more about the service and book here