Is there water along the Trail? Can I pitch my tent wherever I want? Why is there no wood at the camp site? Can I cycle along the Skåneleden Trail? Here you can find the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Photo: Apelöga

Is there water available along the trail?

Water is available from many places along the Trail; from natural springs, but also from separate pumps. Sometimes private individuals have allowed us to connect up a tap for walkers. The sites where water is available and which are marked on the printed Skåneleden Trail maps are all being tested to ensure that the water quality is good. Occasionally the tests, which are undertaken by the respective district council, highlight that the water should be boiled before drinking. Information regarding this will be clearly displayed on site.

The water quality often deteriorates as the walking season progresses. One reason for this is that washing up water from the pots and pans runs down into the well and pollutes it. It is worth considering doing your washing up some distance away from where you take water. Water is available during the frost-free period of the year. When the temperatures begin to drop, the majority of the places for taking water are closed to avoid damage as a consequence of freezing.

Can I go cycling and horse riding along the Skåneleden Trail?

In general, "do not disturb, do not destroy" applies to public rights. Sensitive ground such as wet paths is easily damaged by horse hooves and bicycle tires. In the agreements concluded between Skåneleden and the landowner concerned, only hiking is included. Therefore, we recommend that you refrain from cycling and horse riding along the Skåneleden.

Read more about the Right of Public Access here.

How difficult is the section that I would like to walk?

All of the sections of the Skåneleden Trail are rated according to the following system:

Green/Very easy: Level terrain with a firm surface, the whole section is accessible for wheelchairs.

Blue/Easy: Varied terrain, more than 50 % of the section is on asphalt or gravel roads.

Red/Moderate: Varied terrain, more than 50 % of the section follows footpaths.

Black/Difficult: Hilly terrain, steep sections along footpaths occur on these sections.


The rating for each section can be found under the respective trail on our website. For those of you in a wheelchair, there are many alternatives for getting out into the countryside in the recreation areas managed by the Skåne Landscape Foundation.

Read more here.

What facilities are there at the camp sites associated with the Skåneleden Trail?

Normally there is a shelter, a compost toilet, a place to light a fire, wood, a rubbish bin, water and an information board. Check the current status for the section you are interested in under the specific section on our website before you head off on your walk.

Why is there no wood at some of the camp sites?

There may be firewood at the camp site, unfortunately it can not be guaranteed. Unfortunately, it happens that the wood is stolen, which is one reason why wood is sometimes missing. The uneven consumption and the fact that it is sometimes burned a little too well is another. As a visitor, you can therefore not assume that there is always firewood at the camp site at the exact time when you are going to spend the night. If you know that you need firewood when you visit a camp site, we recommend that you bring your own firewood, charcoal or a trangia kitchen.

Can I count on there being enough space in the shelter at the camp sites?

No. There is often only one shelter at the camp sites along the Skåneleden Trail with space for 6-8 people. It is not possible to book. We recommend that you take a tent with you, especially during the peak season if you want to sleep outside.

Can I book a campsite or shelter in advance?

No. Our campsites or shelters cannot be booked in advance*. Here it is first come, first served.

*with the exception of the wind shelters Birk, Birka and Ronja in Hovdala. These must be booked in advance, click here to read more.

Can I pitch my tent wherever I want?

You are allowed to camp for a night or two in the countryside according to the Right of Public Access to the Countryside. If you are camping in a large group with lots of tents, you must however ask the land owner for permission. Be careful not to disturb the land owner or damage the countryside. Choose a place to pitch your tent which is not sensitive to damage, and not in use as a pasture, arable field or plantation. You may not camp close to any houses. Please note that wild camping often is restricted in national parks and nature reservs!

Remember to take your rubbish with you. Dig a hole some distance away from the Trail, water courses and campsites when you need to go to the toilet and then cover it over. Use washing up liquid which breaks down naturally and do not wash up close to any water courses.

It is often possible to pitch your tent at the camp sites along the Trail, close to a toilet, rubbish bin and drinking water.

Read more about the Right of Public Access here.

Can I take my dog with me on my walk?

A dog is good company on a walk. Remember however to follow the guidelines from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency with regard to keeping a dog on a lead in the period from 1st March to 20th August. This is to protect wildlife and their young. Even during other periods of the year, dogs should be under such control so that they do not chase wildlife. Show also consideration to other visitors on the trail network; remember that many are afraid of dogs. When passing through a grazed pasture, great care should be taken. Cows and horses are often curious about dogs and can come very close. Sometimes, especially if there are calves or foals around, the curiosity can suddenly turn into more aggressive behaviour. Keep your distance!

Can you walk along the Skåneleden Trail in the hunting season?

From the 1st October, hunting is in full swing in the woodlands of Skåne. Dogs are used when hunting for elk and roe deer. It is very important, that as a guest on someone else's land, that you show respect to the hunters and their working dogs. Never disturb a hunting dog on a scent. Do not either try to take care of a hunting dog - they find their own way home! The first few weeks of the hunting season are the most intensive, but there are those who continue hunting until the end of January. In order to avoid disturbing hunting unnecessarily we recommend that you use only the camp sites along the Trail. You can find these in the printed Skåneleden Trail maps or under the section descriptions on our website. Hunting does not present a danger for walkers along the Skåneleden Trail as each hunter must be one hundred percent certain that no person will be injured by a shot that has been fired.

Where can I buy the printed Skåneleden Trail paper maps?

The Trail is described in five separate maps, one for each of the different trails, at a scale of 1:50000. The maps are sold in the Tourist Information Centres in Skåne and even in well-stocked bookshops. You can also order the maps via our website.

How are you going to organize an event on Skåneleden?

Skåneleden is landscaped to be a hiking trail. First priority is there fore always the target group of hikers along the trail. The trail is not organized for events, cycling, riding, etc. However, the reason for a May event well coincide with Skåneleden's core values. In Those cases We Believe That the event itself attracts people to experience the nature of the region and overpriced promotes Skåneleden trail in a positive way. In Those cases, the principal, Region Skåne can stand behind the event and overpriced assists in Informing hikers through Skåneleden's website.

Early contact with the head of Skåneleden, contact details can be found on the website. After that, you will contact the municipal official. There is a trail manager in all the municipalities That the trail goes thrrough. We May Also assists you in communicating These contact details to you.

In order to have an event on Skåneleden, you must apply for permission from the municipality and all Concerned land owners. This Means That an agreements between the municipality and land owners Regarding Skåneleden only apply to just hiking.

For events in public places, police permission is a translation required. You can not held an event at Skåneleden and Refer to the Right of Public Access.

If your event is approved, Skåneleden logo Should be included in any communication about the event.

Is the Skåneleden website available in my language?

You can choose to read the website in Swedish, English or German in the menu to your left. You can also translate the website to any other language, using Google Translate. Here is how:

  1. Open Google Translate on your computer.
  2. Type "www.skaneleden.se" in the left box
  3. Click the arrow (Nedåtpil) in the upperhand right corner and choose the language you want to translate to.
  4. Click on the web adress shown in the right box. The website will open in a new tab and be translated to the language of your choice.