Birdwatching on the Skåneleden Trail

Photo: Johan Hammar

Did you know that Skåne is home to at least 192 of Sweden’s approximately 250 bird species. We have listed several sections where you’ll see plenty of birds, and can even combine your bird watching with a hike on the Skåneleden Trail.

Lake Krankesjön

Section 13 of Skåne Trail 2 leads you along an old railway embankment and climbs a system of boulder ridges. Lake Krankesjön is one of Sweden’s most famous birding lakes. The lake and its surroundings are worth a visit any time of year. In addition to birds, that are various species of frogs, toads and water salamanders.

The Falsterbo peninsula 

Section 21 of Skåne Trail 5 follows the south coast on trails, sandy beaches and along a functioning canal. The Falsterbo peninsula is known internationally as the most important birdwatching location in northern Europe, as many northern European migratory birds use it as the springboard for their travels south. On warm autumn days, the sky over the heather of Skanör is covered by raptors circling above. Every year about 500 million migratory birds from all over Scandinavia pass here on their way to Africa. 

Löddesnäs bird tower

Section 11 of Skåne Trail 5 leads you through open countryside, lush nature preserves and alone the seashore to the long pier at Bjärred. Take a short detour to the Löddesnäs bird tower when you can see species such as the western marsh harrier, bearded reedling, common reed bunting, snipe and, if you are in luck, you’ll see the shy water rail that moves around in the reeds.

Fyledalen Valley

Even though Fyledalen Valley is a distance for the Skåne Trail (the closest section is Section 11 of Skåne Trail 4) we still want to recommend the deep glen between Sjöbo and Tomelilla where you can see both the sea eagle and the golden eagle. This beautiful glen is several hundred metres wide in places and around 50 meters deep and boasts an impressive and unusual flora and fauna.

You can read more about birdwatching at the website of the Skåne Ornithological Association.