Nature is everywhere in Skåne

Photo: Apelöga

Nature in Skåne means being able to explore stony crags and cliffs, fields that wave and billow in the wind, seacapes and sandy beaches, as well as enchanted primeval forests.

Because Skåne is relatively small and compact, you’ll have easy access to the full panoply of our natural treasures, all within a convenient distance.  

Click here to read more about each of our recreation areas.

Click here to read about each of our nature reserves

Region Skåne has commissioned the Skanian Landscape Foundation to administer and maintain the following 19 recreation areas in Skåne:

  • Arriesjön
  • Bockeboda
  • Breanäs
  • Djurholmen
  • Finstorp
  • Friseboda
  • Frostavallen
  • Fulltofta
  • Grytåsa
  • Järavallen
  • Klåveröd
  • Kronoskogen
  • Möllerödssjö
  • Skrylle
  • Snogeholm
  • Tjörnedala
  • Vedby
  • Vedema
  • Vitemölla