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21 Ljungens camping - Falsterbokanalen

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Mickael Tannus

At the very southwest tip of Skåne, a little peninsula hangs out in the sea. This trail takes you along the south coast of this sandy paradise and then up the Falsterbokanalen Channel. Wide open spaces, heathlands, a lagoon teeming with unusual species, and ancient settlements. And sand, salt air, and the sea are your ever-present companions.


The Falsterbo Peninsula started to emerge from the sea some 4,000 years ago. Underwater moraine enabled the sand banks to build up and rise above sea level, where wind reshaped them into undulating sand dunes. The formation is called a tombolo, where sand reefs build to the point where they become a bar or spit – a narrow body of land attached to a small island offshore. Tombolos are often hammer-shaped, and Falsterbonäset Peninsula is no exception. The area is unique in Sweden and the largest nature reserve in Skåne. The sandy seabed and shallow water attract herring, garfish, and lumpfish to mate and lay their eggs. Large numbers of fish fry spend their first years here, which draws thousands of birds – this is an internationally renowned bird-watching area. The lagoon itself is surrounded by a long, narrow bank and waders such as pied avocet and redshank scurry around in the shallow water. Migratory birds are ring-marked at the lighthouse, and birds of prey can often be spotted gliding in the skies.

East of the heathland you follow golfing paths past small ponds, and if you are lucky, you may just catch a glimpse of the unusual natterjack toad. On summer evenings, you can hear its mating call, which sounds more like the barking of a dog than the croaking of a toad. Golfers are not allowed to collect golf balls during this period so the toads can mate in peace. 

Along the eastern part of this section of trail are beautiful sandy beaches, and on warm, sunny days you can sunbathe, or refresh your hot, tired feet with a dip in the sea. The area is also very popular with kite surfers, and you can watch them as they glide over sand and sea on the warm currents which also carry the birds.

Cultural History

Falsterbonäset Peninsula was an important trading site, as far back as the 1100s. The Skåne Market held here was famous far and wide and continued up until the 1500s. The heathland at Skanör looks just as the entire peninsula looked 150 years ago, when large areas were common grazing lands. In the western part of the heathland, there is a small stream called Ammerännan. In medieval times, this was an important transport route to the sea, at least for flat-bottomed boats.

Just north of the golf course, is the mysterious Skyttsie Hage, the remains of a large, medieval settlement. The banks and foundations date back to 1200-1350 CE, but no one is quite sure how to interpret them. Was this a royal estate? Were there deer enclosed so the nobility could amuse themselves hunting? Or was it something completely different? There are even older remains as well, from the very beginning of the Common Era, possibly one of the first farms on the peninsula.

For the last part of the trail, you follow the Falsterbokanalen Channel, a popular place for fishing for flatfish. Local farmers started digging the channel in 1896 so boats could avoid the treacherous banks around the peninsula, but it was just too big a job for them. The need to avoid danger off the coast took on new significance during WW2 and the Swedish government made a quick decision to finish it. In 1941, the first boat sailed through, and more than 5,000 boats passed through the year after it was built.

9 km


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